Chimney & Fireplace Repair in Stone, Staffordshire

About Chimney & Fireplace Repair

There are millions of residential properties in the UK that have at least one chimney and every chimney must be kept free of soot deposits if they are servicing an open fire. Houses that have chimneys are much more desirable than their modern counterparts, simply because the homeowner has the option to have an open fire if they so wish. However, with an estimated 1,200 chimney fires reported every year, keeping the internal chimney area free of soot is essential.

These days, Stone, Staffordshire chimney sweeps are very few and far between but the practice has not died out completely. Many jobs concerning the chimney and fireplace now fall into the realm of the local expert builder, who as a matter of course will have the chimney swept before carrying out any repairs or restoration work on the chimney stack, the chimney breast or fireplace and its surrounds.

What are Chimney & Fireplace Services in Stone, Staffordshire?

The chimney of a fireplace which is used often will undergo many years of hot and cold extremes. The internal area will become very hot when the fire is alight, which can be for many hours at a time. This heat causes the bricks or stonework to expand. In contrast, when the fire is not in use, the masonry will cool and contract. It is inevitable then, that over a period of time some cracking is likely to occur, which will then require repair or restoration. Chimneys that have a flue lining inserted will also begin to accumulate soot but those without a flue will gather a larger amount of soot, which will stick to the interior brick or stone. Whichever may be applicable to your home, a sweep will be necessary at some point.

Chimneys that crack need to be urgently repaired or in extreme cases rebuilt and restored. If left in a state of disrepair the chimney could begin leaking water and even become a safety hazard. It's always a good idea to have chimneys inspected at least once a year, especially if they are being used for the purpose, for which they were constructed. In the first instance, contact a local experienced Stone, Staffordshire building contractor and ask for a free survey and quote for any remedial works if necessary, which might also include repairs to the fireplace. Regular maintenance and preventative measures will ensure there are no costly surprises later. The specialist tradesman or surveyor will also check the chimney breast for signs of damp, which could indicate a leak somewhere further up the stack.

Who Needs Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services?

Very few commercial Stone, Staffordshire properties have chimneys but most residential properties do. Although central heating is preferred by many these days, there is a growing trend towards the traditional open fire or wood burner. Residential properties that have a chimney and use their open fire options are highly recommended to ensure they have a flue lining inside their chimneys. This will reduce the risk of damage to the brick or stonework from excessive heat coming into direct contact. The actual fireplace itself can become damaged by extreme heat and constant use, and may also be in need of sweeping, repair, restoration or remedial work treatment. If this is the case then it is advisable to contact a local reputable Stone, Staffordshire company or tradesman for free advice, a survey and a quote for chimney or fireplace repairs or restoration works. Fireplaces are very often the focal point of any room and therefore need to be fully maintained. A damp chimney breast is always a sign that something is wrong up above, so will need further professional investigation.


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Interesting Geographical Information

The place-name's meaning is exactly what is stated, a "stone, rock", from the Old English stān (stone).

The early history of Stone is unclear and clouded by the 12th century medieval romance concerning the murder of the Saxon princes Wulfad and Rufin by their father Wulfhere of Mercia who reputedly had his base near Darleston (Wulfherecester). The murder of Wulfad in the 7th century and his subsequent entombment under a cairn of stones is the traditional story.

Notable people

James Brindley, (1716 – 1772) the Surveyor-General of the Trent & Mersey Canal

Richard (Stoney) Smith, (1836–1900) developed the flour known as Hovis

Eva Morris, (1885 – 2000) the oldest person in the world from December 1999 to her death in November 2000, aged 114


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