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About Masonry Brick & Stone Repair Restoration

Most masonry is continually at the mercy of the elements and especially with frost, which can cause damage to rendering, mortar joints and brickwork facing. Any loose cracked brickwork or perished mortar on a residential or commercial property can allow movement which will then allow damp to enter the internal walls of the building. Most often the weather can cause cracks in brickwork or to pointing in chimneys, which allows water to permeate down into the living areas of the home. A damp chimney breast can be a sign that all is not well up on the roof. Cracked brickwork will get worse the longer it is left, and as water penetrates the surface it will loosen more brickwork. The result could be sections of brick crumbling and falling off the wall, exposing it further, to the harsh elements and causing even more cracks and instability problems.

What are masonry brick & stone repair restoration services?

Masonry repair services include removing damaged, loose and blown brickwork or stonework and then repairing with a variety of methods. When this particular job is being carried out it is vitally important to ensure the new brick stone work will be in site corretly making it structurally sound and completely watertight. When the pointing in brickwork or blockwork has perished or damaged by frost penetration, it becomes loose and begins to fall out leaving large spaces, which are fully exposed to the elements. In this state rain can easily enter the brick or stone work, via the joints and then cause damp to seep into internal walls. The only remedial treatment is for a tradesman to rake out all the loose and soft mortar and repoint the brickwork with a mortar mix that contains a waterproofing liquid.

Sometimes, a wall might crack due to subsidence, which can be caused by a number of reasons, or by pressure caused by other influences such as weather or heavy traffic. Simply filling the crack will only provide a temporary measure, the permanent builder solution is crack stitching, which involves removing the mortar to the horizontal joints either side of the crack, inserting high tensile steel bars, which are helical in shape, and then setting the bars into a line of polymer. Repointing then takes place to finish the job.

Who needs masonry brick & stone repair restoration services in ?

If several cracks or a continuous crack appears on the walls of a building then crack stitching will be required. It is advisable to seek the advice of a reputable local contractor team or property preservation company as a survey may be necessary to determine the exact reason for the damage. One reason for the cracks, might be that the wall ties have rusted and forced the mortar to expand. Should this be the case then wall tie replacement will be necessary to ensure the outer cavity wall does not collapse. Again, a specialist would advise about the best course of maintenace action. At the first sign of mortar falling out of external walls and of pieces of rendering coming away from the walls, contact a damp proofing consultant. Even hairline cracks in concrete will allow water to penetrate so an annual inspection is highly recommended. We can repair/replace within in reason all concrete all building products.

Masonry repair services are commonplace and especially to older buildings and also more modern buildings that have concrete thats needs repairing. Simply filling cracks or painting over cracks will not deter water or movement for long, so it's always advisable to seek expert surveyor advice if you want to avoid costly repair bills later. A team of professionals can usually fix the problem effectively and efficiently, leaving you with the peace of mind that your property will maintain its looks and value for many more years. Some tasks, especially crack stitching  and wall ties should only be carried out by an experienced business.


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